How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally?

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For men and women looking to reduce the size of their breast tissues outside of having surgery performed, the number of options may seem rather limited at first. While there are certainly strong reasons for men to want to eliminate the effects of “man boobs” and women who suffer from the pain and discomfort of breasts that are large and heavy, the truth is that there are a few ways to help reduce the size of the breasts without resorting to expensive and painful surgical methods.

However, before reducing the breasts can begin, the cause of the enlarged breasts must be determined in the first place. For women, no such trip to the doctor is needed if the breasts are naturally large and need to be reduced. However, for men who suffer from Gynecomastia which is the enlargement of the breast tissues or women who have had an unexpected size increase in their breasts, then a visit to the doctor is required.

Once the determining factor has been discovered, the natural treatment for reducing the breasts can begin. Here are three proven methods that can reduce the overall size of the breast naturally over time.


The breast tissue in both men and women comprises mostly of fat. Following a specific diet can help the body burn away the excess fat cells and reduce the overall size of the breast as well as the rest of the body. A diet that reduces carbohydrates and sugars will force the body to tap its own fat cells to find the energy needed for daily activities.

For women, dieting may be a more drastic solution since the breasts are not quite as prone to reduction as the fat located on larger muscle groups such as the buttocks and thighs. But significant reduction can happen over time if the diet is correctly followed.

Anaerobic Exercise

In particular resistance exercises and weight lifting workouts that increase the lean muscle mass especially in the pectoral muscles can result in breast reduction. This is because the building of lean muscles require energy that can be tapped directly from the fat tissues.

Such resistance exercises such as push-ups for example work the chest muscles that in turn burn away the fat from the breast tissues. Weight lifting exercises, in particular bench presses and those that involve the chest muscles have the same effect. Such exercises need to be two to three times per week and are most effective when combined with a healthy diet.

Natural supplements

There are a number of natural supplements that are used to burn away the breast fat. Essentially, there are two types, breast reductions pills and topical creams. Because they both use all natural ingredients they are safe to use. While each has its advantages, topical creams can be applied directly to the breasts in order to reduce the fat cells.

Such natural supplements generally boost the metabolism of the body to help burn away the excess fat cells. Also, natural supplements are safe, simple to use and create no side effects when used as directed.

Reducing the size of breast tissues without resorting to surgery is certainly possible by using the foundations of diet, exercise and natural supplements.

How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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