How to Lose Man-Boobs

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Gynecomastia can be extremely crushing for men to deal, especially as they age. There are two main causes of this embarrassing condition – spending great amounts of time sitting while overeating or the existence of an unfortunate chemical imbalance.

The devastating condition of developing man-boobs can be combatted without surgery. Fortunately, there are different things men can do to reduce their breast tissues and tone their bodies back to their manly chests regardless of the cause.

Strategies For Overeaters

There are several things that overweight men can do to rid themselves of their man-boobs. The various exercises force men to work on their muscles, leading to a reduction or elimination of fatty cells.

Push-ups: One of the most effective exercises for men battling gynecomastia is push-ups. This very basic exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, and does not require any special equipment or gear. The most important part of the push-up regime is to make sure proper form is used. This means that your body needs to be kept straight from your shoulders to your heels. As you approach the ground on the downside, your entire body needs to move as one, singular unit, much like wooden plank. Your elbows need to reach 90-degree angles before going back up again.

Bench Presses: Another extremely simple, yet helpful, exercise is the bench press. To do a proper press, lie down on a weight bench with your feet on the floor. If dumbbells are used, bring them down by your side before lifting them upward. At the top, your elbows should be fully extended and the dumbbells should be sitting just beneath eye-level. If a barbell is used for the bench presses, make sure there is a spotter available to bring your bar on and off the rack for you. Again, your elbows should end up fully extended at the top. The best routine contains two or three sets of ten to 12 repetitions.

Cardiovascular Exercise: Simply working the muscles in the chest area is not going to be as effective for reducing man-boobs for those, who are overweight, as including some cardiovascular exercises as well. Fat tends to accumulate rather evenly around the body, requiring a more well-rounded workout that just push-ups and bench presses. It is important to burn more calories than what you consume. Cardiovascular exercise increases metabolism, helping you burn off unwanted fat, leading to more rapid weight-loss. It is highly recommended that an interval-like cardiovascular regime is followed, allowing the body to get a total workout. This type of workout provides you with periods of intensity alternating with times to cool down. Runners can alternate between running and jogging to get the same effects. Before long, you will realize that your man-boobs are disappearing, motivating you to continue your routine.

Exercising is one of the best things a man can do to combat pseudo-gynecomastia, or man-boobs resulting from being overweight. As long as men focus on burning more calories than what they are consuming, and increasing their metabolism, they will be well on their way to eliminating their unsightly man-boobs.

Strategies For Hormonal Imbalance

If your man-boobs have nothing to do with your weight but everything to do with a chemical imbalance, then watching calories and exercising will not really help. Those suffering from gynecomastia due to an excess of estrogen in their bodies will have to face other remedies. Rather than subjecting their bodies to plastic surgery, which is a costly option, men can consider alternative, dietary supplements to help reduce or eliminate man-boobs.

When men have too much estrogen in their bodies, they also tend, then, not to have enough testosterone. When this happens, it is not the fatty tissue that appears in the chest. Rather, breast tissue is enlarged. Alternative remedies, such as Gynexin, help men eliminate their man-boobs through taking a pill. The natural ingredients work together to prevent tissue deposits from forming in addition to reducing and eliminating the ones that already exist. With true gynecomastia, the breasts can also become extremely tender.


No matter the reason for your man-boobs, you have considerations to take in and decisions to make in terms of what you will do about your breasts. Even for those with gynecomastia and are working on the right hormone balance, it is still a good idea to stay physically healthy with exercise. For men who are overweight, the most important factor to keep in mind is that calories burned must be greater than those consumed if you are going to see any positive results at all. Paired with the exercise routine, men also need to consider what they are eating and making sure their meals are balanced with the nutrients that are necessary for good health.

In the end, most cases of man-boobs are found in overweight men. Discovering a life with healthy diet and exercise and practicing good habits can really go a long way. Being consistent with exercise and healthy eating can help men get rid of unwanted man-boobs in a matter of weeks. You will once again be able to cruise the pool and walk around showing off your manliness once again.

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