Gynexin Ingredients

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The natural, herbal ingredients in Gynexin are extremely safe for human consumption. Each key ingredient is derived from a part of plants, ranging from resin and seed to fruit and leaf. When considered separately, the ingredients don’t seem to lead you believe that this formula would even work. The amazing thing about Gynexin Alpha Formula, however, is that the heavily researched blend of the ingredients is what provides the magic.

Chromium (as Plcolinate)

Chromium Picolinate has been used to battle chromium deficiency for those lacking the nutrient, much like people who take supplements to combat the lack of enough calcium in their bodies to stay healthy. Most people are able to get enough chromium in their bodies from the food they eat, including whole grains, cheese, and brewer’s yeast. Others, however, are not. Therefore, chromium picolinate is an easy solution.

Athletes are the most common consumers of chromium picolinate. The supplement helps them maintain healthier weights while they are working out and competing to help them sustain their desired body makeup. For success, athletes need to be very aware of how many calories are burned versus consumed. Even more important is the ability for chromium picolinate to support healthy metabolism. Those with chromium deficiencies find that the nutrient leaves them feeling less tired and fatigued each day.


The Guggul tree, found in India, is the source of guggulsterones, a key ingredient in Gynexin Alpha Formula. Guggulsterones are derived from the tree’s sap, which contains ingredients found to help with obesity, as well as other ailments.

Primarily, gugglesterones are beneficial for those looking to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This amazing ingredient helps the liver turn excess cholesterol into bile, which is then eliminated from the body. As an antioxidant, the tree sap has been used for years to make alternative, natural medications. Gugglesterones can also act as anti-inflammatories, which benefits many osteoarthritis patients.

Theobromine Cacao

Similar to caffeine, theobromine cacao is an alkaloid, benefiting human health tremendously. Also known as xantheose, theobromine cacao is a bitter substance found in the cacao plant, which is also a main ingredient of chocolate. Unlike caffeine, this stimulant increases heart rate rather than the central nervous system. In addition, it dilates blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.

The substance itself is found naturally in up to 60 plants. Even though the characteristics of theobromine cacao mimic those resulting from caffeine, the amazing nutrient is not addictive. It is often used, in fact, to promote drainage so that fluids do not accumulate, causing heart failure. There have also been benefits found for the respiratory system when patients have taken theobromine cacao as part of their daily supplements.

Green Tea Extract

Recently, there has been a surge of green tea extract users, especially since it has been found to decrease the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Unlike other teas, the green variety is not fermented, giving it a higher concentration of antioxidants that are useful to our bodies. This results in the elimination of damaging free radicals.

Those who tend to drink green tea regularly in their everyday lives have been found to have lower risks of cardiovascular diseases and mortality rates. In addition, it has also been shown to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis.

Although the use of green tea as a health supplement is somewhat new to the western world, people in Asia have been reaping the benefits for quite a while. It has been used in Asia as a form of traditional medicine targeting digestion, regulating blood sugar, and improving mental efficiency. It has been used to help individuals lose weight through increasing metabolism.


Most people are very familiar with caffeine and depend on it daily to give them the boost they need in the mornings to get going for the day. As a stimulant, caffeine has been found to help people with respiratory issues. It is also a diuretic, causing urine to be produced more quickly. The impact of caffeine is almost immediate and can last for quite a few hours.


From Salvia aclarea, or clary sage, a biennial herb, Sclareolides is used for the chemical imbalance in those suffering from true gynecomastia. Sclareolides are used to help decrease estrogen and increase testosterone. For some people, the presence of man-boobs is a result of imbalanced male and female hormones. This beneficial substance helps shrink fat cells and is often used in skin-firming and slimming products.

With the right mix of natural ingredients in Gynexin Alpha Formula, men can now easily rid themselves of their man-boobs. There are no concerns over manufactured medications and various toxins that are usually contained in “special” formulas. There are no secrets hidden from consumers. Experts who created the blend made sure that they were using ingredients of natural herbal origin, making Gynexin extremely safe. The ingredients, together, offer great results with little worries about complications. It certainly beats having to go under the knife and risk scarring from surgery.


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