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As typical cultures and societies dictate, boobs belong on women. Gynecomastia, however, is a very real chemical imbalance for men, causing them to possess man-boobs.

People suffering from gynecomastia have imbalanced levels of testosterone (male hormones) and estrogen (female hormones) in their bodies. Gynexin Alpha Formula is safe, trusted, and found to be effective for men suffering from Gynecomastia.

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Results may vary from person to person


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Gynexin Ingredients

Men taking Gynexin find it to be a great solution for combatting gynecomastia without facing surgery. The powerfully blended ingredients contain 100% natural herbs to help men with breast reduction. There are no toxic pharmaceuticals in the formula to harm your body. The blend works quickly and effectively to reduce breast tissue.

The active ingredients in the Gynexin Alpha Formula include:

Chromium (as Picolinate) – Our bodies naturally produce chromium, but some people have a deficiency and need to take it as a dietary supplement. It helps people maintain healthy metabolisms and prevents them from constantly feeling tired or lazy. This is particularly easy for the body to absorb.

Guggulsterones – This regulates cholesterol levels, keeping them steady and within the healthy range. Guggulsterones help turn cholesterol into bile, which assists the thyroid regulate the liver. The guggul tree produces sap, which has been used as alternative medication for obesity and arthritis.

Theobromine Cacao – This is similar to caffeine and is found in the cacao plant, which is the key ingredient of chocolate. Theobromine stimulates the heart and dilates blood vessels. This ultimately lowers blood pressure and promotes drainage, preventing the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Green Tea Extract – The higher levels of antioxidants in green tea makes it a valuable nutrient for many different reasons. It has been found to lower the rate of heart disease and ease the pain for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Caffeine – Found naturally in many coffees and teas, caffeine has been found to provide many health benefits. It has been found to help some breathing issues, including apnea of prematurity. People often benefit both physically and mentally from caffeine.

Sclareolides– Derived from Salvia sclera, or clary sage, this biennial herb is used to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. This helps the body’s chemical levels stay appropriately in sync.

Does Gynexin Work?

With an embarrassing condition like Gynecomastia, it is often stressful for guys to get help. The Gynexin Alpha Formula, however, is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about and is very effective for men looking to rid themselves of their man-boobs. Gynexin is a quick-working product which can help men enhance the quality of their lives, boost their self-esteem, and feel better about themselves. The results of Gynexin Alpha Formula are noticeable after 4 to 6 weeks of daily use.

The look of your chest will alter. You will see a firmer torso and mid-section. After three to six months, your man-boobs should be gone. This blended formula works even when the breasts are of uneven sizes. The larger breast would take longer to reduce as compared to smaller one, but eventually, they’re going to look exactly the same and balanced.

Gynexin works in preventing the congregation of fatty cells beneath the skin and acts on male mammary glands or breast areas. The fatty cells are eventually reduced in size and disappear. It has been found to be the most effective non-surgical treatment of gynecomastia. Patients walk away without having any scars from surgery, nor any vital side-effects from other dietary supplements and medications familiar with treat gynecomastia.

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How Does Gynexin Work?

If you choose to make Gynexin part of your daily routine, you may be well on your way to eliminating unsightly man-boobs. You won’t be worrying about what people might say at the gym, and perhaps, you’ll even be spending more time at the pool. The Alpha Formula works in targeting the fatty cells in male mammary glands. Both the size and number of cells are reduced when Gynexin is used consistently.

Taking Gynexin is not complicated. One capsule in the morning and another in the evening before dinner will do the trick. As long as no more than four capsules are taken per day, the formula can work at its maximum potential. You must drink at least 8 oz. of water with each Gynexin pill. Considering the ease of taking this blend of nutrients, using Gynexin is one of the most cost-effective ways to lose unwanted fatty cells, and is much more affordable than surgery. It is, however, important for patients to be consistent for best results.

Gynexin Discount Codes

A 5% discount code works on all orders of Gynexin. The code is: V5633. Enter the code during your order’s check-out process to benefit from the discount.

Where To Buy Gynexin

Currently, Gynexin can be exclusively purchased on This main website sells the formula in 60-capsule boxes. Once orders are placed online, they will take between 3-5 business days to arrive at a United States destination, and 7-14 days for international shipments. In the United States, the boxes are shipped through the USPS. For international consumers, they are shipped via USPS Registered Mail. Don’t worry, as Gynexin will arrive at your doorstep in a plain package.

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Does Gynexin Have Any Side Effects?

Since Gynexin contains no chemicals and only includes natural herbal ingredients, there are no known negative effects. The ingredients are all derivatives of plants safe for human consumption. There are not any harmful substances within the formula. Once the desired results are attained, men can lessen their doses down to just one each day to maintain their shape. Gynexin is a desirable product due to its naturally healing ingredients. It ought to be noted, however, that Gynexin may alter the effectiveness of other drugs, so it is best to consult a doctor beforehand. Alone, the Alpha Formula is not harmful, however, its chemical makeup could potentially effect other drugs. If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or have a liver or kidney condition, it is advisable to avoid Gynexin, as it would likely cause slight stomach irritation. Additionally, if you should be taking St. Joh’s Wort or any sort of acetaminophen, a doctor should be consulted as it could also cause increased heart rates.

Is Gynexin a Scam?

Gynexin is not a scam. Many people have benefitted from the formula. Although the results do not appear overnight and could take a while, within a few months, there should be some noticeable effects. Men who have used Gynexin have proven that their lives are much improved as a result of taking this Alpha Formula regularly. Some testimonials include:

“It’s taken a while but my results are worth it!” – Oxnard, California

“I was very skeptical about even trying an oral product to treat my gynecomastia…it’s been about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier.” – Long Beach, California

“I felt an increase in my energy levels right away…then around the beginning of the third month I really noticed a reduction in my gynecomastia symptoms.” – Denver, Colorado “Gynexin changed my life forever. I recommend this.” – Brooklyn, New York

“The best thing about Gynexin is that it works fast. My chest is now ripped. There are no signs of my old man boobs…this supplement will make such a difference to so many men out there. – Miami, Florida

As with any product results may vary from person to person


gynexin approvedIf you are dreaming of waking up in the morning with a firmer chest or surfing the waves without wearing a suit, then Gynexin is the way to fight gynecomastia. Although this condition is prevalent in many males, it is never an easy one to digest and get over. Men need to feel manly and not have to deal with enlarged breasts, whether they are the results of poor health and diet, or gynecomastia. You no longer have to be self conscious and wonder how many conversations are going on among friends and acquaintances behind your back. You can proudly be yourself any worries.

If you are not happy with your appearance and are embarrassed by your man-boobs, then the Gynexin Alpha Formula is the perfect solution for you!


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Gynexin Reviewed, 3.4 out of 5 based on 40 ratings
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