Gynexerol vs. Gynexin

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Many men striving to transform their man boobs into a masculine chest turn to male breast reduction pills to battle gynecomastia. Two pills that reduce fatty and glandular tissues available to men are Gynexin and Gynexerol.

Both Gynexin and Gynexerol have received positive testimonials, proving that they really work.

Both products:

  • Require a pill to be taken twice a day, with eight ounces of water
  • Have no negative side effects
  • Start to firm up the midsection and torso within two to three weeks
  • Are sold in bottles of 60 capsules each
  • Cost approximately the same

Some differences between Gynexin and Gynexerol:


It is important to note, as the ratings are considered, that although in-depth research was conducted, not everyone responds and reacts to the pills the same way. The samples used in the study were typical, however, not everyone will realize the same results at the same time, in the same way. In either case, it is best to contact your doctor and have a consultation before beginning either one.

Based on the ratings, as well as its ease in use, Gynexin seems to be the more effective product. With Gynexin, unlike Gynexerol, water is the only requirement, when the pill is taken. Gynexerol has to be taken 30 minutes prior to a meal in addition to the water, with water required throughout the day, every two hours. Gynexin users do not have to monitor their water intake as closely as those using Gynexerol to rid themselves of their man boobs and fight gynecomastia.



Gynexerol vs. Gynexin, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Itzalah says:

    Hola, un niño de 14 años puede tomar Gynexin?

    • Mike Davis MD says:

      Hola. No hay necesidad de tomar ningún medicamento porque él es sólo 14. Espere hasta que tenga 18 a 19 y luego ver al médico si es necesario, o tomar Gynexin.
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      Mike Davis, MD

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